Paint Bottle Storage with Gridfinity

After a few years of painting miniatures, I've accumulated quite a few paints. In the past i kept them unorganized on my desk or nicely stacked in a shelf but i always found that they take too much space from my desk. And let's be honest, you don't need all of them at once.

So since i got myself a 3D printer, i decided to design and print a paint bottle storage system for my Citadel, Vallejo and other paint bottles which works with the Awesome Gridfinity system.

Designing the Paint Bottle Holder#

Designing the bottle holder is quite easy. I measure the bottles i want to store and create a new Gridfinity Bin in Fusion 360 with the Gridfinity plugin.

Screenshot of Fusion 360 showing the generated Gridfinity bin

To make the print using as little material as possible, i created the bin with a height of 1 Gridfinity unit and added the bottle holder on top of it.

Screenshot of Fusion 360 showing the sketch of a single paint holder

The holder is designed to hold the bottle in place and to make it easy to grab the bottle. The holders itself are designed to just a thin wall around the bottle to save material and improve print time.

Screenshot of Fusion 360 showing the final result

The final design is also parametric so i can easily adjust the size of the holder to fit other bottles.

Time for 3D Printing#

I printed the holders using my Elegoo Neptune 4 with a 0.6mm nozzle and a layer height of 0.3mm.

The print time for a single holder is around 37 minutes.

The bed of the Elegoo Neptune 4 is big enough to print 4 holders at once, which takes around 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Final result#


You can find the .stl files and the Fusion 360 project on my Printables or Makerworld page.